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Trish Long's listing

Sahara 'Vision' CD

$8.99 ONErpm - (Wave Files)

Sahara debut CD 'Vision'





Out now from iTunes , Amazon & ONErpm

 Sahara 'Vision' CD. This CDs success includes two No.1 Hits on the First Internet Charts based in New York. 'Make My Day' shot up to No.1 for 4 consecutive weeks which led to an ABC TV Evening News interview dubbing Trish and Dave 'CyberStars'! The track'Ordinary Day' was also voted No.1.

Sahara 'Vision' made CD of the week on ABC Radio Australia. Music from this CD was featured in the soundtrack for an ABC TV documentary which was awarded the United Nations Media Award. Songs were also selected by producers for motivational recordings.



“Dave and Trish from Sahara originated from Dublin but now call Australia home enlightening Aussies with a special brand of music taking inspiration from both music within the Northern and the Southern hemispheres. Sahara is what I call "organic music", with earthly aural tones of honesty, beauty, driving a very Celtic feel within all tunes on Vision. Dave has an almost eerie "Sting" feel to his vocals, whilst Trish's singing is very akin to the very popular and respected Ellen Foley. This is a great CD for an empowering efficacious effect with each and every listen.”(((5 Late Nite TV USA

"Sahara's album is a good example of music with meaning. Each song has been carefully crafted to convey a message. From the uptempo beat of "Make My Day" to the melody of "Save A Little Love", this album is one worth adding to your collection." The Border Mail


" Bright optimism jumps right out of this disc Make my Day and while the heritage is Irish through and through, the vocal harmonies of Melbourne vocalist - guitarist Dave Long and partner in life Trish do more than make you want to tear the tin off a Guinness. The Floyd - esque Vision Of Glory is an emotive, haunting refrain from the jumping main vein, which relies on a high vibe, even with uncool rock instruments like flute and tin whistle (sorry, Trish)...The bounding, punchy percussive element in Party Time shows the kind of groovin' diversity...The Advertiser Adelaide



".... The debut CD from this Dublin duo is an eclectic mix of styles and sounds...to describe the musical style would be a task in itself but to this musical ear it falls somewhere between funk and folksy jazz, if you get my drift...the flute and sax playing of Trish adds an interesting almost dimension to the sound and coupled with Dave's rock/pop vocal range only adds to the charm of this debut CD... all in all a fine debut".The Crack


"... an interesting mix of music...from songs brimming with energy and passionate vocals to touching instrumentals such as the celtic "Tears, A unique blend of rock, folk, jazz and classical make "Vision" a must for Irish music lovers"Leader Newspaper Group


Sahara is:

Trish Long: Vocals, Saxes, Flute, Flageolet, Recorder & Synth

Dave Long: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards & Synth

Recorded at Whirled Records Melbourne
Engineered by Craig McArthur 
Mastered by David Briggs at the Production Workshop
Arranged, produced and performed by D & T Long 'Sahara'
Photography by David Scaletti
Layout & Design by Sahara Music

All compositions © 2013 Sahara Music. All artwork © 2013 Sahara Music
www.saharamusic.com.au      info@saharamusic.com.au










Sahara Music

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