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Trish Long's listing

Sahara 'There is this place I go' CD

Sahara 'There is this place I go' CD

Sahara 'There is this place I go' CD out now from iTunes Amazon and many more....

For more information please visit www.saharamusic.com.au



Reviews for 'There is this place I go'

“First class production...smooth, seamless and satisfying, Sahara’s music goes down real easy, like ice cream on a hot summer day”. IndieMusicReview GERMANY

“a hauntingly ethereal, yet melodic and contemporary ambiance. Easy listening overall, yet pop enough to appeal to a wide audience”67 Music USA

“A worthy addition to almost any collection, Warm, rich, easy to listen to with shades of jazz, blues, soul, gospel, rock all there. I heard the title track and just clicked with it and wasn't disappointed with the rest of the album. Great voices and harmonies, fabulous sax. What's not to like?” Stuarte Amazon UK

“There is so much compelling music on this particular CD” Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey USA

"They've got a brilliant album out called 'There is this place I go'" Tom Lambert The Independent Music Show NORTHERN IRELAND

“Sahara have a specialty that few artists have, and is to capture the listener being practically overwhelmed by a beautiful set of emotions…if you seek quality, professionalism, experience…all this has a name…Sahara” Angelo Petruzzi CEO Smooth Jazz Radio Channel ITALY

“Sahara are a tight duo originally from Dublin and now based in Australia. Their mellow, Celtic sound is chilled and atmospheric.” Nick Thomas Radio Presenter Radio Jackie UK


Sahara is:


Trish Long: 
Vocals, Sax, Flute, Flageolet, Recorder, Synth

Dave Long: 
Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards



Sahara Music

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