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Dave Long's listing

Sahara 'A New Beginning' CD

$6.99 Amazon

All original songs an eclectic mix of celtic, jazz and rock

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Sahara 'A New Beginning' Promo Video


“That’s ‘Live Every Day’ from ‘Sahara’ from their latest album ‘A New Beginning’. Now regular listeners to ‘The Afternoon Show’ and also to ‘New Traditions’ will know that we’re big fans of ‘Sahara’. A two piece band, Trish and Dave Long, and they write all their own material and this album ‘A New Beginning’ is their latest and I would say their absolute best. They’ve relocated to Australia, and one of the things that’s happened with their traditional sort of celtic tinge to their music is they’ve taken on board some of the, I think some of the Australian experience is seeping in to their music and I have to say check this album out - it’s a stunner! It’s called ‘A New Beginning’ and go and have a look at ‘Sahara’, check out their website, google them, listen to them, because I think you’ll find especially, musically they are absolutely stunning. They always have been. And their voices sort of blend absolutely beautifully. But also, I think lyrically, this is a step up and it really is something that we would advise you to have a listen to because they just sort of suck you in and it’s one of those albums that you can revisit time and time again. We’re gonna play a track off the album called ‘Sweetest Things’, and one of the reasons for that is cause it’s a personal favourite of mine - this is ‘Sahara’.” “Cracking stuff that’s ‘Sahara’ and ‘Sweetest Things’, as I say off their new album ‘A New Beginning’ and check out the album, google them, find out about them, and I think your gonna enjoy them. You’ll hear them more and more on ‘New Traditions’- we like them a lot.” Mark Williams ‘New Traditions’ The Bridge 102.5 UK

“They’ve got a fantastic album…great voices aren’t they…fantastic!” ‘The Irish Connection with John Lowry’ WFM UK

"Fans of Bruce Hornsby, Van Morrison and Marc Cohn will certainly welcome Sahara’s A New Beginning with open arms. The duo of Trish and Dave long incorporate a broader spectrum of musical styles. There are hints of smooth jazz, pop rock and Celtic. In terms of instrumental delivery, I’d say hands down to both of them. Their years performing on stage and recording the way they want their albums to sound, ripened and made their music intoxicating like fine wine…Sweetness, pain, laughter: these are emotions that surround A New Beginning. ....I found them totally uplifting and beautiful. The production is superb.A must have for those who love genre bending music that exudes warmth and elegance“. Baxter Labatos The Celtic Music Fan Philippines

'Your music is Beautiful" Mae 'Music Uncovered' KLAV 1230 AM Las Vegas USA

“Great music” John Sweeney Owner Social Network Radio Station USA

“A New Beginning fuses contemporary adult pop, with folk and rock music to create a soulful and uplifting sound…after hearing it, you are sure to understand why Sahara are as equally popular in folk and rock circles” Woven Wheat Whispers UK

Sahara is:

Trish Long:
Vocals, Sax, Flute, Flageolet, Recorder, Synth

Dave Long:
Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards

All compositions © 2013 Sahara Music. All artwork © 2013 Sahara Music
www.saharamusic.com.au    info@saharamusic.com.au






Sahara Music

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