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Dave Long's listing

Sahara 'Live @ The Malthouse' CD

$8.90 Amazon

Sahara's Live CD

Sahara 'Live @ The Malthouse' CD out now from Amazon, Itunes ONErpm for more info please visit www.saharamusic.com.au


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The 'Sahara Live at The Malthouse' concert took place at the Malthouse Theatre Melbourne on Saturday September 4th 1999. This concert was filmed live for webcast on CelticTV - a New York based internet TV site. Due to the enthusiastic response from the audience and viewers on the internet we were persuaded to release part of the video soundtrack on CD. We chose a selection of the songs that had not been previously released for the 'Sahara Live @ The Malthouse CD.

"a fervently Irish flavour but the soulfulness is universal" The West Australian

"Dave's rock vocals are tremendous with Trish's sexy jazzy voice combines to give this album a superb vocal line which pleases the ear and soothes the mind. This all adds to the exceptional instrumental talents, which are shown throughout the album. The sax playing is to die for and if this album doesn't get your feet tapping you must be stone deaf or dead" Irish Bands Live UK

"Sometimes the best things come along when you least expect it. The spontaneous live feel of the CD is an asset and the duo's range which skims jazz, pop, ballads and Celtic ensures a wide listening variety. The depth of sound is impressive, particularly when you realise it is the work of just two people. Tracks include the jazzy Deja Vu, the Celtic ballad Celtic Love Poem, and an ode to the Irish pair's adopted home city, called Livin' in Melbourne" The Bendigo Advertiser

"There are a few moments when the softer edged rock comes out, none more exceptional than the opener "No Man's Land", which is a great track & well placed at the head of the album, though I'm more partial to the band's more pop/jazz oriented styles, such as "You're My Lover" & "Higher Than High", while my real pick is the very unusual flavour of "Celtic Love Poem", as the title suggests, a real folk/celtic sort of influence. I'd certainly be checking this band out as soon as possible" hEARd Australia

All music and lyrics composed by Trish Long & Dave Long

Arranged, produced and performed by Trish Long & Dave Long

Sound Engineered by B.S. Sound.

Filmed by TVP Productions

Mastered by Strawberry Sounds

Layout & Design by Sahara Music

Sahara is:

Trish Long: Vocals, Alto & Soprano Sax, Recorder, Flageolet & Synth

Dave Long :Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards & Synth

All compositions © 2013 Sahara Music. All artwork © 2013 Sahara Music
www.saharamusic.com.au info@saharamusic.com.au



Sahara Music

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