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Raymond Makenbach

Title : Consultant

Marketing Area : Local

Type Of Business : Business management

Industry : Business Management

Expertise : Problem and incident management, people management

Years Of Experience In Industry : 1 year

Products And/Or Services :

Management Consultant

People Management, Project Managment, Crisis Managment, Change Management, Problem Management


Affiliations Awards :

CFIB (Canadian Federation of Independant Business)

Doctors without Borders, Scouts Canada, Compassion Canada

Mohawk Board of Governors Gold Medal Recipient (Top Graduate in a class of 800)

Royal Performance Cruise Winner (Top 1% of employees)


Attributes Success To :

The AIR principal - Accountability, Integrity and Respect...and a lot of hard work!


Future Career And Business Goals :

To ensure that the greatest resource any business has - its people - are in the right role and therefore the most productive.


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