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Ken Turner - Construction - Stanford Who's Who Certified

Ken Turner: Putting 35 years of wall and ceiling experience to work

Ken Turner puts roofs over peoples’ heads – literally. The third-generation carpenter from Langley, British Columbia manages Turner Brothers Contractors Ltd., a construction firm that specializes in the installation of acoustic ceilings, steel studs, drywall, and demountable partitions. Mr. Turner has 35 years of carpentry experience that he has developed in both residential and commercial construction settings.

As Mr. Turner’s career has evolved over the years, drywall has exploded as the preferred medium for interior wall construction. In the past, it would take a two-person team an entire week to apply plaster to plywood or particleboard walls. Nowadays, that same team can hang and finish drywall in a similarly sized house in two days, completely eliminating the need for plywood boarding in interior walls. Hanging drywall is the process of fastening the individual pieces of drywall to wall studs with screws, while the finishing process includes the application of drywall compound (commonly called “mud”) at the joints and over the screw heads. Mr. Turner and his team have become proven professionals when it comes to this important stage in residential and commercial construction.

Likewise, the experts at Turner Brothers Contractors Ltd. are the professionals to turn to when it comes to installing acoustic ceilings. Also known as “popcorn ceilings,” these interior coverings remain the standard in residential home construction, and they are also popular in commercial buildings, particularly those used for office spaces. Popcorn ceilings usually consist of spray-on treatments that are textured with Styrofoam or paper, which is then applied to bare drywall. As its name implies, acoustic ceiling is effective at reducing noise between a building’s floors. More details about the services provided by Ken Turner and Turner Brothers Contractors Ltd. can be found at http://www.kenturner.info.

Mr. Turner and the craftsmen at Turner Brothers Contractors Ltd. are also equipped to install the infrastructure for walls and ceilings, and not just the exterior finishing. They specialize in setting steel studs during the framing phase of construction, including anchoring the horizontal tracks along floor and ceiling and fastening the vertical studs. The wall and ceiling experts at Turner Brothers Contractors Ltd. are also experienced installers of removable wall partitions.

While Ken Turner is experienced on the labor side of construction, he is also responsible for the management side of his business. He oversees the daily operations and is responsible for coordinating projects with other contractors at construction sites. Mr. Turner develops bids and estimates on new projects and handles many of the business’ administrative duties.

Over his 35 years as a construction professional, Mr. Turner and Turner Brothers have earned a reputation for reliability and quality. They are members of the British Columbia Association of Wall and Ceiling Contractors, the NW Wall and Ceiling Bureau, and the Wall and Ceiling Association. Ken Turner is well known among his peers for his passion and dedication to excellence. When he isn’t working, Mr. Turner directs that passion to his hobby as an avid car enthusiast. Visit http://www.kenturner.info.

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