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Karen Delaney – Quality Assurance, Regulations & Training – Stanford Who’s Who Certified


Karen Delaney is a Leader in the Compliance Industry

As the complexity of  the regulatory environment increases, the need for specialized organizations with expertise in facilitating transparency and compliance with industry and governmental regulations has grown.  Professionals within the compliance industry aid companies meet the applicable regulatory requirements through operational restructuring in a number of fields including product development, manufacturing, accounting, data retention and environmental safety.  Compliance consultants should be involved throughout the business modeling, design and implementation phases, in order to assure minimal disruption of operations. 

Karen was inducted into Stanford Who’s Who for her acclaimed work in quality assurance and compliance. Karen Delaney has spent thirty years in the compliance and quality assurance industry assisting businesses meet regulatory and industry standards.  Her expertise across multiple industries and business fields has helped improve her clients save money, improve efficiency and avoid costly penalties.  As the president of Helix Consulting Group, Karen has instilled the principles of dedication, integrity and professionalism in her staff.  Karen’s dedication to the best interests of her clients has made her a highly sought after quality assurance professional and cemented her reputation as a devoted friend to business.  For more information about Karen Delaney please visit http://karendelaney.info.

Helix Consulting Group is one of Canada’s foremost quality assurance and compliance consultancies.  The professionals of Helix Consulting Group are widely recognized as some of the most knowledgeable and capable in the industry.  The breadth of their expertise of regulatory regimes and industry best practices has established them as uncontested authorities.  In addition to providing a full range of services for regulatory compliance, Helix Consulting Group also provides expert assistance for approval and licensing of new products.  Their years of experience with meeting FDA, FAA and TCCA regulatory requirements ensures Helix Consulting Group consultants will provide thorough vetting of product designs and impeccable guidance for navigating the compliance bureaucracy. Helix also provides assistance for HC Licenses and CE Marking.   For more information about Helix Consulting Group, please visit http://www.helixconsultinggroup.ca/.

Karen Delaney received dual Bachelors degrees in Science and Education from Memorial University, before embarking on her prestigious career.  Her incomparable work has been recognized by her peers and earned the gratitude of hundreds of notable clients.  Although based in Vancouver, Canada, Karen has assisted businesses from around the world to improve business management.  Karen prides herself on cross cultural expertise and in depth knowledge of many regulatory environments around the world.

Karen has established herself as a leader in the compliance industry through her steadfast commitment to excellence.  As a business consultant and a compliance training expert, Karen has set herself apart from other quality assurance professionals as a result of her ongoing acquisition of regulatory expertise, analysis of industry practices and an unrivaled knowledge of new advances in technology and business methodologies.

In her free time, Karen enjoys boating and reading Harvard Business Review and Quality Progress. She is  a member of the American Society for Quality, where she has served as the chairperson for the Vancouver chapter.  To learn more about Karen Delaney please visit http://karendelaney.info.

Keywords:  Karen Delaney, Helix Consulting Group, compliance, quality assurance

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