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Joe Szigeti – Aerospace | Aviation – Stanford Who’s Who Certified

Joe Szigeti Is an Outstanding Representative of the Manufacturing Industry

California, September 11, 2012—  

Manufacturing is the base of the economy worldwide. Manufacturing has roots in the artisan’s shops thousands of years ago but it has reached unbelievable levels of efficiency over the last century with the advent of the industrial revolution. Turning raw materials into finished goods is a combination of art and science that essentially defines each industry through specific technology and machinery. Manufacturing can take up all forms from mass production to small or individual manufacturers. Manufacturing covers almost all industries from chemistry to construction and engineering. Every item or object is the result of a manufacturing process that took place somewhere in the world in a small or large production facility.

Joe Szigeti is the owner and president of Titanium Joe Inc, a company operating in the aerospace industry. With the care and passion of the owner and the skills of the manager, Joe Szigeti has built a successful business in a demanding and competitive industry. Armed with ten years of experience in customer service, he has created durable and strong relationships with his customers and partners. Understanding the need for high caliber service in manufacturing, Joe Szegeti employs a business strategy that relies on customized and reliable solutions to assist customers in reaching their business goals. Focusing on the quality of materials and services, Joe Szigeti has constructed a company with a reputation for excellence in all respects. For more information about Joe Szigeti, please visit www.joeszigeti.info.

Joe Szigeti is a capable business owner who has nurtured his journey in the entrepreneurial world on his exceptional human and professional skills. With an innate sense for business, he is leading his company’s business growth reaching over international markets. Dedicated to his line of business, Joe Szigeti demonstrates furthermore his superior leadership and organizational capabilities. In his free time, he enjoys motor sports in particular but loves other sports as well. For more information about Joe Szigeti, please visit www.joeszigeti.info.

Titanium Joe Inc was established as a trader of titanium products servicing the US and Canadian markets. Carrying their activity mostly in their facility in California, the firm has recently extended to its facility in Ontario, Canada. Titanium Joe Inc supplies titanium sheets, plates, tubes, and bars but they also ensure cutting services upon requirement. Delivering both small and large production quantities, Titanium Joe is renowned for the flexibility and diversity of their product range. Also, the company buys titanium surplus in order to manufacture it in the forms requested by the market. For more information about Titanium Joe Inc, please visit www.titaniumjoe.com.

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