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Ade Kukoyi – Music Management – Stanford Who’s Who Certified

Ade Kukoyi Has Promoted and Preserved Australia’s Indigenous Music

The indigenous music of Australia includes that produced by the Aborigines and the Torres Strait Islanders.  It is produced by culturally unique instruments like the didgeridoo and clapsticks, although it may contain elements derived from European musical traditions.  This indigenous music has been a part of traditional Aboriginal culture for thousands of years and remains a vibrant, honored part their cultural mosaic.  There are number of forms of indigenous music which incorporate distinct elements: Bunggul, Clan Songs, Death Wail, Krill Krill, Kun-borrk, and Wangga.

Ade Kukoyi has been inducted into Stanford Who’s Who for his celebrated work with the indigenous music industry of Australia Ade Kukoyi is a champion of Australia’s indigenous peoples through his work to promote and preserve their unique musical culture. As the managing director of Daki Budtcha Pty Ltd, he has toiled to bring these colorful and powerful musical traditions to other people around the world.  During the fifteen years he worked at Daki Budtcha, Ade has strived to protect the rich cultural heritage of Australia’s Aboriginal peoples.  His celebrated efforts as a cultural advocate has helped enrich many of Australia’s most famous musicians and created a cultural bridge between generations and societies.  To learn more about Ade Kukoyi, please visit http://adekukoyi.info.

Daki Budtcha is one of Australia’s foremost producers of indigenous music, dance, spoken performance and drama.  Owned and operated by indigenous Australians, Daki Budtcha has worked with the most notable indigenous musicians, singers, writers, actors and dancers.  The tireless efforts of the prestigious professionals at Daki Budtcha have helped preserve the musical heritage of Australia’s Aboriginal people for future generations to enjoy.  For almost thirty years Daki Budtcha has cultivated the most talented individuals from Australia’s indigenous peoples to become world class performers.  Their efforts have generated enormous interest in Aboriginal culture and lead many musicians to adopt these musical elements into their styles and repertoires.  Furthermore, this interest in Aboriginal culture has helped shine a global spotlight on the tragic history and condition of native Australians.  To learn more about Daki Budtcha, please visit http://dakibudtcha.com.au.

Ade Kukoyi has educational degrees in law, corporate management, banking, finance and accounting from the University of Technology in Sydney and Ahmadiyya College in Lagos.  Ade is a certified accountant and a chartered secretary.  Before founding Daki Budtcha, in the late 1980s, he established Ade Kukoyi & Associates, one of the foremost full service financial planning and accounting firms in Australia. He has also served as principal advisor to the Turrbal Association, an organization affiliated with the Turrbal Elders.  Since 2007, Ade has been the president of the Australia Nigeria Business Council, which helps promote trade between these two great nations.  His expertise in the legal, financial and accounting fields has made Ade Kukoyi  a trusted name in the Australian and Nigerian business communities.

In his free time, Ade enjoys reading Harvard Business Review, Financial Review, and Business Review Weekly.  He is an avid fan of soccer, basketball, cricket, and Australian football.  He also enjoys traveling to Paris, London, New York, Hong Kong and Sydney.  To learn more about Ade Kukoyi please visit http://adekukoyi.info.

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