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Michele Sanders

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  • Organic Tea Blends
  • Organic Spices
  • Herbal Health
  • Consulting
  • Daily Multi-vitamin
  • Aromatherapy

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This coming Sunday: Feb. 22, 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Feb 22

Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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Next Sunday: Feb. 29, 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM
Feb 29

19 Parkway Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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Title : Owner

Marketing Area : Regional

Type Of Business : Health Care

Business Website : www.totalhealthsystems.net

Industry : Healthcare

Company Name : Total Health Systems

Expertise : Identifying quality herbal tea blends and spices to provide customized choices to meet the customers needs.

Years Of Experience In Industry : 17 Years


Gender : Female

Education Degrees : Obtained an Associates Degree in Technology from Technology Education College (Cols, Oh); Certification in Clinical Herbology and Family Herbal Health Studies

Hobbies/Sports : Gardening, Reading


Products And/Or Services :

Natural Healthcare, Organic Teas and Spices and Aromatherapy (custom blended with organic essential oils).


Affiliations Awards :


Attributes Success To :


Future Career And Business Goals :

To consult with those who have a desire to lead a healthy lifestyle through alternative and complimentary medicine. This incudes taking proactive/preventive measures as well as the desire to improve the quality of life due to illness and disease.

Our focus is on vitamins, minerals, herbal formulas and organic tea blends and spices.


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Apr 18

Daily Nutritional Supplement

Now\'s the time to cleanse, nourish and exercise!!! Just as you take the time to do spring cleaning in your home, you should do the same for your body. Total Health Systems Liquid Multi-vitamin provides a complete source of nutri ...

Apr 18

Daily Nutritional Supplement

Now's the time to cleanse, nourish and exercise!!! Just as you take the time to do spring cleaning in your home, you should do the same for your body. Total Health Systems Liquid Multi-vitamin provides a complete source of nutrie ...

Dec 11

Prepare Yourself For Winter

Do you remember the days when the weather was pretty predictable? You knew who would experience tornados, hurricanes and earthquakes and you could readily prepare for the bristling winds and snow that comes with winter. Well, Not ...

Oct 06

Winter Fuel to Feed our Body

Total Health Systems (THS), is a complementary healthcare company that specializes in quality natural and organically grown products. THS embraces the practice of complementary medicine because of the "whole person" or holistic ap ...

Michele Sanders's Events

You have not posted any events at this time, what you see below is just a sample.

Michele Sanders's Marketplace listings

Mexican Seasonings

2.3 oz. $3.65

Organic Herbs and Spices for gilled meats

Mexican Seasoning Mexican seasoning contains organic cilantro, organic onion, organic red pepper, organic herbs and spices. It adds zest and flavor to grilled meats, sauces and mexican dishes including tacos. Contains organic cilantro, organic nnion, organic red pepper, organic herbs, and organic spices. ...

Total Health Systems

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Cajun Spices

4 oz. $3.95

A Creole and Cajun spice adds zest to your cooking

Cajun Spices A spicy creole and cajun spice for a wide range of Southern dishes. Goes well with gumbo, beans, rice, jambalayas, soups and barbecues. ...

Total Health Systems

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Orange Spice Tea Blend

4.7 oz. $8.75

Fair Trade Certified Ceylon Tea Blend

 Orange Spice Tea BlendA warm, soothing ceylon tea blend with just the right ingredients. Includes orange peel, cinnamon chips, and clove. A marvelous way to savor the serenity of a peaceful evening is to brew up a cup of this fine tea, sit back and relax. Orange Spice tea is Fair Trade certified and contains caffeine.   Samples Available 4.7 oz (loose leaf tea ...

Total Health Systems

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Daily Herbal Tea Blend

2.1 oz for $5.95 (loose leaf tea)

An overall organic tonic that is stimulating to the digestive system and supports liver health.

Organic blend contains: dandelion root, burdock root, orgeon grape root, yellow dock root, eleuthero root and milk thistle seed.    Highlights: Source of many vitamins and minerals. Stimulating to the digestive system. Supports the overall health of the liver. The liver plays a key role in removing toxins from the body. To learn more about th ...

Total Health Systems

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Jan 31
Posted by : 7153667

Hello world,my name is Jeff Siah from Malaysia. I have since 2003 been attempting to build a simple brand icon Vr1 which u can see in my list of pictures here.It was inspired after 9/11 attacks where the Western Media portrayed Muslim to be tied to jihad and terrorists just bcos of a few rotten apple.Anyway logged onto www.vr1world.org which represents Value Respect & Integrity and it also represents Asian music & arts.
Nov 29
Posted by : 7153843

Hello Everyone Mark Sellers is the name Advertisng is my game Just been working on profile cannot figure why my profile picture is not approved yet hmm
Sep 11
Posted by : 7154033

Sep 09
Posted by : 7153294

Hi Everyone! I am a recent MBA graduate from Schulich School of Business with 6.5 years of strong experience in Technology Consulting for Banking and Financial Services Industry (especially Capital Markets, Wholesale Banking and Order Management Systems). I have worked in multiple core banking projects for clients such as State Bank of India, Dehtscue Bank, Deutsche Equities, Equifax Inc. etc. I started my professional career as a Developer and moved towards Business System Analyst - Team Lead roles in the later stages of my professional experience. Thus I have sound knowledge of all the stages of the SDLC and PMLC. Post my MBA I have started working part-time for a Start-up Firm Recright Inc. as a Program Manager where I am involved in all the facets of the business including business strategy, analysis, technology, integration, database architecture, and project management. I am closely working with the CEO and CTO of the company to build a Business Intelligence application in HRMS practices. I am looking for full-time opportunities in Technology Consulting and/or Busniess Analysis for firms in Bankiing and Financial Services Industry in Canada. I would be happy to provide further information when contacted.
Sep 04
Posted by : 7153733

Hello everyone, I am new to this but I am excited for the opportunity to meet new people!!
Jun 22
Posted by : 7144290

Hello Everyone. I have been away for awhile,due to illness. I am back and ready to get back to work. Living in Calgary,Alberta, and at this point in time we are in a state of emergency. Calgary and Area is pretty much flooded and 100,000 people have been evacuated. So far I am fortunate and am high and dry. I am working from home office which is good. I am so happy that so far, there has been no loss of life. People have rallied together to help each other and many of us who are dry are inviting the flood victims into our private homes. Where there is no room centres have been set up and volunteers are helping out. The army is here to rescue those who cannot be reached.
Apr 15
Posted by : 7152529

I cannot recall in my life, ever have knowing a set of twins. Would you believe that in the past four months I have done wedding videos for three sets of twins. Not just twins, but identical twins. And I mean identical. Adding to that, I took another booking for a wedding video today and for the second time in a month, I am doing a wedding video where the brides name is Samantha and the grooms name is Chris.
Apr 06
Posted by : 7151390

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Apr 03
Posted by : 7145696

Hello, Membership I am the president National PTSD FOUNDATION Supporting Survivors Rights
Mar 30
Posted by : 7152529

Hi everyone. I have just joined whoswho so would like to introduce myself. My name is Greg and I am from Brisbane, Australia.I am a videographer specialising in weddings. I will of course take on any other event that a client wants videoed. Filming and photography has been a hobby since as far back as 1968, but it has only been in the last 12 months that I have taken it up as a full time job. This was due to restructering at my last job that made my position surplus. Having worked in the electrical and electronics fields all my life, I thought that this was all I could do, then suddenly I realised - hey, i have a lifetime hobby that i enjoy and have learnt so much about - step outside the square you've been boxed up in all those years and do something different. If you wish to have a look at my website you will find it at www.alloccasionsvideos.com.au