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John and Janet Brumby

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About John and Janet Brumby

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Title : Pastor and Director

Marketing Area : International

Type Of Business : Non profit

Business Website : http://www.arkeministries.org

Industry : Religion | Spiritual Services

Company Name : Arke Ministries Organization International

Expertise : Counseling, registered nurse Ordination Pastor

Years Of Experience In Industry : 2 years with Company many years of with


Gender : Male

Place of Birth : England

Date of Birth: 9/15/1936

Personal Website : http://www.arkepromotionsarkeministries.org

Linkedin Profile : www.linkedin.com/in/arkepromotions

Education Degrees : Bachelors, theology DBS honorary Dip Th. RN. FRSPH

Favorite Business Publication : Saint Posts Listing Service

Favorite Place to Vacation : Where we live Rutherglen

Hobbies/Sports : Computer, reading. walking


Products And/Or Services :

I have worked in many fields of service in my life, starting with 3 years of service in the RAF (UK)

I have attended Bible College, Missionary Bible College and Theological College (6 years)

I am a trained Registerred Nurse with experience across a wide range of nursing skills including many forms of critical care.

I have run a number of businesses in shops and from home including Internet.

The last 4 years were in the Psychiatric nursing.

I have pastored in 5 different churches.

We are now engaged in retirement in ministry over the Internet and phone. Retirement is seen as retyrement (a new set of tyres)

Arke Ministries Organization International is involved in Internet ministry and is a Non Profit charitable work with ministry and counselling.

We are John Robert Brumby and Janet Florence Brumby


Affiliations Awards :

Fellow Royal Society for Public Health

I took two prizes out of 4 in nursing during my training

Surgical and Practical nursing (but also came second in Medical nursing)

Accredited Pastor with Catch The Fire Ministries (Australia)



Attributes Success To :

I attribute all success to Jesus Christ whom I have served in whatever I do all my life.

Then I attribute to my wonderful wife Janet a great deal.

I value the different trainings I have had in so many areas.

I also obtained Certifate lll in Business Management (very helpful)

Also Certificate 1 with H&R Block in Tax Consultation (Australia)  (very helpful)


Future Career And Business Goals :

To continue and build exactly what we are doing, the we means my wife Janet being envolved in all that is done.


More About me :

Additional Websites:





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Arke Ministries Organization International
John and Janet Brumby

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Jan 31
Posted by : 7153667

Hello world,my name is Jeff Siah from Malaysia. I have since 2003 been attempting to build a simple brand icon Vr1 which u can see in my list of pictures here.It was inspired after 9/11 attacks where the Western Media portrayed Muslim to be tied to jihad and terrorists just bcos of a few rotten apple.Anyway logged onto www.vr1world.org which represents Value Respect & Integrity and it also represents Asian music & arts.
Nov 29
Posted by : 7153843

Hello Everyone Mark Sellers is the name Advertisng is my game Just been working on profile cannot figure why my profile picture is not approved yet hmm
Sep 11
Posted by : 7154033

Sep 09
Posted by : 7153294

Hi Everyone! I am a recent MBA graduate from Schulich School of Business with 6.5 years of strong experience in Technology Consulting for Banking and Financial Services Industry (especially Capital Markets, Wholesale Banking and Order Management Systems). I have worked in multiple core banking projects for clients such as State Bank of India, Dehtscue Bank, Deutsche Equities, Equifax Inc. etc. I started my professional career as a Developer and moved towards Business System Analyst - Team Lead roles in the later stages of my professional experience. Thus I have sound knowledge of all the stages of the SDLC and PMLC. Post my MBA I have started working part-time for a Start-up Firm Recright Inc. as a Program Manager where I am involved in all the facets of the business including business strategy, analysis, technology, integration, database architecture, and project management. I am closely working with the CEO and CTO of the company to build a Business Intelligence application in HRMS practices. I am looking for full-time opportunities in Technology Consulting and/or Busniess Analysis for firms in Bankiing and Financial Services Industry in Canada. I would be happy to provide further information when contacted.
Sep 04
Posted by : 7153733

Hello everyone, I am new to this but I am excited for the opportunity to meet new people!!
Jun 22
Posted by : 7144290

Hello Everyone. I have been away for awhile,due to illness. I am back and ready to get back to work. Living in Calgary,Alberta, and at this point in time we are in a state of emergency. Calgary and Area is pretty much flooded and 100,000 people have been evacuated. So far I am fortunate and am high and dry. I am working from home office which is good. I am so happy that so far, there has been no loss of life. People have rallied together to help each other and many of us who are dry are inviting the flood victims into our private homes. Where there is no room centres have been set up and volunteers are helping out. The army is here to rescue those who cannot be reached.
Apr 15
Posted by : 7152529

I cannot recall in my life, ever have knowing a set of twins. Would you believe that in the past four months I have done wedding videos for three sets of twins. Not just twins, but identical twins. And I mean identical. Adding to that, I took another booking for a wedding video today and for the second time in a month, I am doing a wedding video where the brides name is Samantha and the grooms name is Chris.
Apr 06
Posted by : 7151390

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Apr 03
Posted by : 7145696

Hello, Membership I am the president National PTSD FOUNDATION Supporting Survivors Rights
Mar 30
Posted by : 7152529

Hi everyone. I have just joined whoswho so would like to introduce myself. My name is Greg and I am from Brisbane, Australia.I am a videographer specialising in weddings. I will of course take on any other event that a client wants videoed. Filming and photography has been a hobby since as far back as 1968, but it has only been in the last 12 months that I have taken it up as a full time job. This was due to restructering at my last job that made my position surplus. Having worked in the electrical and electronics fields all my life, I thought that this was all I could do, then suddenly I realised - hey, i have a lifetime hobby that i enjoy and have learnt so much about - step outside the square you've been boxed up in all those years and do something different. If you wish to have a look at my website you will find it at www.alloccasionsvideos.com.au