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Jann Skinner Marthaler

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  • Advertising Print
  • Tradeshow Materials
  • Corporate Branding
  • Website Design
  • Typesetting & Forms
  • Illustrations

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This coming Sunday: Feb. 22, 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM
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Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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Next Sunday: Feb. 29, 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM
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19 Parkway Drive
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Title : Chief Operating Officer

Marketing Area : National

Type Of Business : Advertising & Design

Business Website : www.bridgital.com

Industry : Advertising | Marketing | PR

Company Name : Bridgital Advertising and Design

Expertise : Organizational Skills, Keeping Small Details in Check

Years Of Experience In Industry : 13 Years


Gender : Female

Place of Birth : Nashville, Tennessee

Date of Birth: 6/29/0

Education Degrees : Obtained a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Middle Tennessee State University

Favorite Business Publication : SouthernReader.com

Favorite Place to Vacation : Texas Hill Country

Hobbies/Sports : Musician, Keyboard, Piano, 3 Bands, Love Dogs


Affiliations Awards :

Licensed Chaplain in the State of Georgia – Georgia State Prison System

National Association of Accounting Professionals


Attributes Success To :

The love and encouragement of my parents, and my wonderful husband, but first and foremost, my faith in God.


Future Career And Business Goals :

Our business is growing and flourishing. We are currently involved in nearly every aspect of advertising, from printed corporate branding materials to website design, all the way up to and including television commercials. We enjoy being able to provide jobs for talented people and helping businesses grow and prosper, especially small, family and start-up businesses.


We are hoping to be able to build a school that will have learning opportunities for at-risk teens, which will include classes in graphic design, illustration, photography, typesetting, copy writing, editing, song-writing and composition, music recording and engineering, piano lessons, guitar lessons, vocal technique and various forms of dance. That's the fine-arts section of the academy. We hope to incorporate tutoring in basic academic studies to try and keep the teens in school. We also plan to have a section that will be devoted to automotive repair, and carpentry which would be self-sustaining financially.


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Bridgital Advertising and Design
Jann Skinner Marthaler

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May 02
Posted by : 7136819

Hi there Just a heads up that we are currently offering a limited range of high quality leather 'hip holsters' to keep your smartphone safe from harm and handy at all times. The leather cases have a full flap top that is closed with a shielded magnet and a good strong steel clip that attaches to your belt or waist=band, or your pocket in pants, coveralls, tracksuits and medical scrubs...as well as a lot more. There are several sizes available that accept most all 'regular' and 'tall' smartphones; those from HTC, Samsung, Apple etc...and all for a very reasonable $69.00 including shipping - any place on the planet. If you have ever forgotten, left or lost your Smartphone then this is a product are for you. Available in Black or Tan leathers from http://tuffasnuts.com. We look forward to being of service.
Apr 23
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Jan 31
Posted by : 7153667

Hello world,my name is Jeff Siah from Malaysia. I have since 2003 been attempting to build a simple brand icon Vr1 which u can see in my list of pictures here.It was inspired after 9/11 attacks where the Western Media portrayed Muslim to be tied to jihad and terrorists just bcos of a few rotten apple.Anyway logged onto www.vr1world.org which represents Value Respect & Integrity and it also represents Asian music & arts.
Nov 29
Posted by : 7153843

Hello Everyone Mark Sellers is the name Advertisng is my game Just been working on profile cannot figure why my profile picture is not approved yet hmm
Sep 11
Posted by : 7154033

Sep 09
Posted by : 7153294

Hi Everyone! I am a recent MBA graduate from Schulich School of Business with 6.5 years of strong experience in Technology Consulting for Banking and Financial Services Industry (especially Capital Markets, Wholesale Banking and Order Management Systems). I have worked in multiple core banking projects for clients such as State Bank of India, Dehtscue Bank, Deutsche Equities, Equifax Inc. etc. I started my professional career as a Developer and moved towards Business System Analyst - Team Lead roles in the later stages of my professional experience. Thus I have sound knowledge of all the stages of the SDLC and PMLC. Post my MBA I have started working part-time for a Start-up Firm Recright Inc. as a Program Manager where I am involved in all the facets of the business including business strategy, analysis, technology, integration, database architecture, and project management. I am closely working with the CEO and CTO of the company to build a Business Intelligence application in HRMS practices. I am looking for full-time opportunities in Technology Consulting and/or Busniess Analysis for firms in Bankiing and Financial Services Industry in Canada. I would be happy to provide further information when contacted.
Sep 04
Posted by : 7153733

Hello everyone, I am new to this but I am excited for the opportunity to meet new people!!
Jun 22
Posted by : 7144290

Hello Everyone. I have been away for awhile,due to illness. I am back and ready to get back to work. Living in Calgary,Alberta, and at this point in time we are in a state of emergency. Calgary and Area is pretty much flooded and 100,000 people have been evacuated. So far I am fortunate and am high and dry. I am working from home office which is good. I am so happy that so far, there has been no loss of life. People have rallied together to help each other and many of us who are dry are inviting the flood victims into our private homes. Where there is no room centres have been set up and volunteers are helping out. The army is here to rescue those who cannot be reached.
Apr 15
Posted by : 7152529

I cannot recall in my life, ever have knowing a set of twins. Would you believe that in the past four months I have done wedding videos for three sets of twins. Not just twins, but identical twins. And I mean identical. Adding to that, I took another booking for a wedding video today and for the second time in a month, I am doing a wedding video where the brides name is Samantha and the grooms name is Chris.
Apr 06
Posted by : 7151390

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